by Alexandr Opalka
May 17, 2014

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Questions about Beta


Question: When is the product coming out?

Answer: We estimate the product will come out in Fall 2015.


Question: How much will the product cost?

Answer: The price has not been determined yet.


Question: Why can’t we buy now?

Answer: This is a pretty new idea, it requires months of testing and improvements before we can release this to the public. We want you to have the best experience possible when using the product to communicate with others.


Question: Will you have this for phones?

Answer: That is our main goal, but it requires a lot of work and so we want to start with tablets first because they generally are more powerful than phones.


Question: Will this be available in other countries?

Answer: Eventually yes, that is very important to us because we understand most countries do not have good accessibility options, but first we need to make this work the best it can with American Sign Language, then we will release it to other countries, but it will not be before 2016.


Question: What is beta testing?

Answer: Beta testing is a type of testing that allows us to test our product with a select amount of users.  We will use the feedback to make it the best experience possible for you and this will help us improve the functionally of the product.


Question: Okay, I’ve signed up for beta. Now what?

Answer: In early June we will send out a email to everyone who signed up with instructions on what to do next. Thank you for your patience.