Powered by Leap Motion's gesture recognition technology, UNI translates signs into audible speech for hearing individuals. Get your UNI now for $799 with a $19.99 monthly subscription.

Expected Delivery Date: Fall 2015

Use UNI to chat with your teacher or peers with ease.
Bring UNI out with you to order food, talk to your friends, and more. 
Share ideas with your boss, talk to your co-workers. Get that promotion you want. 

Two-Way Communication

Using the latest Window tablet and most powerful gesture recognition technology out there. UNI is the very first device that can either translate sign language into speech, and translate speech into text.


Empowering the Deaf to lead the lifestyle they want

Live-Time Feedback

UNI uses advanced gesture recognition technology called Leap Motion, this allows users to see how their signs appear on camera, which helps to make sure signs are input correctly and avoid missing important information. 


Ready to live the life you want without communication barriers?