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UNI - A two-way communication tool for the deaf using gesture and speech technology.

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With UNI, You Can:


Sign To Speech

Communicate with your peers in a whole new way. UNI uses a specialized camera to tracks both hands and all 10 fingers with incredible speed.


Speech to Text

Making life a little easier with the best voice recognition software out there used by millions to translate speech into text.

Create Your Signs With



The world's first easy to use sign adding software, for those that want to customize their sign language dictionaries.

Upload Your Signs with



Sign language dictionary management and distribution software. Upload your signs and share them with others.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions we have received:

MotionSavvy has opted to work with big businesses so that they can provide for their deaf customers.
The basic UNI Dictionary at launch will have at least 2,000 signs. Users will be able to add their own signs to it, so the number of signs avaiable will grow over time.
Leap Motion, the gesture recognition technology that MotionSavvy has not been fully tested with the UNI software. We are currently looking into what devices we would like to support and will be releasing more information as we do so.
Right now, UNI can only recognize ASL and SEE. However, incorporating other foreign languages is a goal for UNI in the future.
The UNI subscription fee covers access to the UNI app which includes SignBuilder and CrowdSign software so that you continue to get the updates over time.
Not at all, UNI is just another option that allows the deaf and hard of hearing communities to communicate when interpreters simply aren't available.
Yes, this is one area of the development that we are hard at work on.
If you use ASL then fantastic we will be able to support your needs.

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